Boho Chic wedding at Brock House

K & R hired us more than a year and a half before their wedding date, this showed us so much trust, this is the best base for a great bond between us and our couples. When I arrived at K’s Getting Ready, I felt so happy that her (and his) day finally arrived!

Their wedding was beautiful at Brock House in Vancouver, here is a highlight of their wedding, and please, take a look at K’s Grace Loves Lace DRESS!!!

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Rustic Scandinavian Wedding Inspired at Roundhouse

A+J got married at the Roundhouse in Vancouver. It was a typical day of the end of Summer in Vancity, rainy, but not cold, with some leaves starting to fall.hey T

They had a religious ceremony in Burnaby and we all followed to a rooftop in Gastown, then to Stanley Park with their vibrant bridal party.

Their vendors were handpicked and it was such a great team! Please check them by the end of this post!

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Last February Marcelo and I checked a bucket list which was visiting Morocco. It was a long flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt / Zurich / Marrakech.

We stayed in a riad in the Medina, the old city. We walked everywhere, cabs were only used from the airport to the riad and to the airport to fly back home.

The streets are narrow, unique, and almost like a maze. Google maps, Apple maps, none of it works, but there an offline map that worked a few times, it's called MAPS.ME and you can download it on App Store…

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