Last February Marcelo and I checked a bucket list which was visiting Morocco. It was a long flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt / Zurich / Marrakech.

We stayed in a riad in the Medina, the old city. We walked everywhere, cabs were only used from the airport to the riad and to the airport to fly back home.

The streets are narrow, unique, and almost like a maze. Google maps, Apple maps, none of it works, but there an offline map that worked a few times, it's called MAPS.ME and you can download it on App Store.

That being said, we got lost a lot. People on the streets don't really help, as they have fun with  tourists getting lost and giving wrong directions, they also send you the wrong way so you go to a street market, and other times they affirm that such place is closed for the day.

We actually knew about it, so it was not a big deal, but the few times we really needed directions, it was a pain haha. After a few days we got used getting lost and finding ourselves so we started helping other tourists. It was lovely.

We were fully vegans during this trip, so we had Vegetable Tajini everyday, almost at every meal. That's the easiest typical dish that can be found all the places. Our riad prepared our breakfast with fresh orange juice, bread, olive oil, fresh homemade jams, apricots and coffee. For those without restrictions, they also serve pancakes, eggs, butter, cakes, milk, etc.

The beauty of the architecture, the colours, the markets, the beep beep noises of the electric bikes are all blended together in the same square foot. This place touches all senses, all at the same time and it's deeply interesting.

We got to visit so many places, museums, a road trip to the Kasbah & Atlas Mountain, and we also spent time at our favourite riads: Jardin Secret and the one and only El Fenn

Now, the photos:

Now, the road trip to the Atlas Mountain.

By the way, we don't support the use of animals for tourism, specially if we see the animal is not being treated well. So, no camel rides for us :)

Here you will see some photos of our favourite riads, let's start with Riad Jardin Secret, where we had one of the best meals we've ever had!

And now, the El Fenn. All of my love to the place! The best view + happy hour.

And a little more of the Medina.