Last week we drove to Tofino for mini family vacations. We decided to go to celebrate life with no car. A year ago we sold our house, and now we just sold our car.

If you know Marcelo and me for a longer time, you might know that we have been in a minimalism process for a while. Not on purpose and definitely not because it's a trend. This is just how our lives are flowing right now. After selling our house, we drove thousands of miles and spent one month traveling in our trailer (we still have it, probably not for a long time). 

But back to our road trip, we rented a car and actually, figure out that there are many cheap ways to do it. We stayed at the Ocean Village, a place that I have been dreaming on staying for years! This is Winter, so it's time to watch the storms, and it's deeeeep, it's wet, it's beautiful. It's so calm, then the waves come and it's full of people and colours, always mixed with the gray tones in the sky.

Bacon loved to run free at the beach every day and there was the indoor pool every night for the humans. Also, we loved the Shelter restaurant!

Marcelo Cohen