Today is Labour Day here in Canada and it is Independence Day in Brazil, the country we are originally from, and we believe today is also a perfect day to launch Lambada, a life project that provides life experience.

Talking about those holidays mentioned, it was such a hard work to achieve this DREAM and buy a Shasta trailer that will give us a little bit of freedom through our skin :)

The Shasta Airflyte we bought is a special edition, there are 1941 (year of Shasta's) built for adventurers like us. It's SO adorable, it's retro and it will be our home for four months - starting on late November this year. Bacon cannot wait and neither do us!

Lambada, just like Samba, is a Brazilian rhythm - remember this song

This experience is made for people that loves to travel but as a life experience, something different, some new routes along the way. Perfect for photographers (we will offer WS on the road) and young families. Guys, you are all welcome to take this experience with us! You can go alone or with your partner or with your kids (up to 8 years old).

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• 4 days on the road with Sambajoy • between Arizona, Nevada and California •

Photos by Sambajoy and Zoom Dani & Gabi    *    updates on @lambad4


Marcelo Cohen