British Columbia

Marcelo went to Vancouver when he was 18 and, in silence, told himself he would move to Canada one day. Well, here we are!!! And it was about time to visit Vancouver, for my very first time :)

This trip started in Squamish, shooting a wedding with a beautiful and pretty mama Rebecca Amber (we met 2 & 1/2 years ago in L.A.), then we followed to Whistler where we took the gondola to see so much beauty!

Before hitting Vancouver, we stopped more than times to see the Pacific, lakes, sunset, trees, birds... such a gorgeous place!

Our stay was by Airbnb, in front of the beach and we drove all over Van City and had yum dinner at Five Doors Down in White Rock.

I have no idea why it took me 35 years to go Vancouver, if you still haven't been there, it's time! Enjoy the ride :)

Marcelo Cohen