Vegas, baby

We had another trip last week, our first time together in Vegas.

This idea started when we saw air tkts deals with Allegiant Air and we paid $280 for both of us on round trip, with tax included. We flew from Grand Forks, ND - about couple of hours from Winnipeg.

As usual, we booked the hotel the same day with the app Hotel Tonight this is actually our favorite app when traveling!!!

The first hotel booked was Flamingo Hotel they have great views and the room is comfy. As aaaaany hotel in Vegas, they are super smelly in the lobby, in the casino area and they also have people offering free tickets for shows, be awaaaaare from them! It's bad scam! Also, learn that if you arrive on a Saturday like us, you won't have a time to relax in the pool 'cause it's pool party day and there are people craaazy to party!

During the weekend, our phones were sending alerts for the HEAT WARNING, oh boy! It was hot as hell, it actually felt just like hell and people that only cares about sinning. I mean, we don't drink, we don't smoke and we do not gamble... so how to not get bored in Vegas? TAKE A ROAD TRIP! We took it South to Nelson Ghost Town  cute and have tons of cool photo props like vintage bikes and chairs, old buses, trailers... nice scenario for photos. You have to pay $10 for the photos and watch for cactus aaaaand snakes that are from that area.

Our second hotel was Luxor and we paid $59 pus resort fee, note that most hotels in Vegas have this fee and it's around $30. We spent most time at the pool and our room was smelling like an ashtray so we had to change rooms.

We were really hoping to watch O from Cirque du Soleil we heard it's the best ever! But it was sold out, unless we would / could pay for the highest prices! So we went to see and it was pretty good!

Instead of going to the everybody-goes Neon Museum we drove through Fremont area during the golden hour, it was so nice! All vintage, all real, super cool!

About meals, we tried the World Buffet at Hotel Rio and we do not recommend, it's waste of time and $ it's no longer good. All about quantity and poor quality.

Aaaaand the last hotel we stayed was Hooters and it was the best surprise! We paid $29 for the night, the pool was great and the casino was much less smelly than others. The room is simple but fair for the price.