Vacay 2014

So we just came back from a magic trip in California's desert and here we are to share with YOU great moments, tips and photos :)

Palm Springs is a great sunny city with many good restaurantes, awesome hotels, night life, vibrant colours and life. Our decision was to have small luggage and spent nights in different hotel by Hotel Tonight you do need this app on your phone!

Where to stay: our best deals last week were: The Saguaro, Alcazar Palm Springs and Riviera Resort. Another place we stayed was the iconic Wigwam Motel tee-pees on route 66 (not in PS). We saved around 30% of each night booking a last call room through Hotel Tonight ;)

Restaurants in the desert: In and Out, Cheesecake Factory, Rick's (amazing and cheap! Cuban fooooood <3), street food on Thursdays and tapas at El Jefe.

To rent a convertible: try priceline and make a (low) bid, keep trying, rising a bit.

Places you can visit not thaaaat far from Palms: Salvation Mountain, route 66, outlets in Cabazon, big dinosaurs , the fabulous Joshua Tree, the moon, the mountains, the never ending windmills

Now it's time to take another ride with us, hope you have a windy and colourful fun! 

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