Hi, last weekend Marcelo wanted to go outside and take some photos, so we decided to exercise this practice on me as his model. This is not an easy task for me and not for him. Usually, I don't allow myself to be the main object, I don't feel comfortable in front of the camera and I'm always very hard on myself.

I totally understand when clients feel this way and my work is making them feel great about themselves in a beautiful and realistic way and I'm pretty good at it, but if the situation is the opposite, I felt nervous but it was about time to do this important exercise again, for both of us.

As a woman that grew up in the Brazilian middle west, beauty is everything for a woman to be accepted and be part of the society. And being fat is synonym of being an ugly lazy person and I was deeply brainwashed about it until I left my parent's house when I was 19 years old. It took me around 15 more years to realize that I can actually be powerful, good and yet pretty in a heavy body, it's a shame that this kind of thoughts are still going strong on latino countries. My mom and grandma loooove plastic surgery and I was asked by them many many times to loose weight, because my husband "deserves" it. I think this is so sad, it shows nothing but people that are empty inside, that their whole only fits if they are fit and truth is most of times we don't choose to be in this or that shape but we can actually choose to be happy, to work hard, to love ourselves and love is a feeling much stronger than whatever a society wants you to be.

You are whole, you are good, you are loved and you are enough!

Thanks Marcelo for loving me for who I am (and for these beautiful photos).