We decided to open our house for guests through Airbnb, we love to use this on our trips and the decision was made by the end of June. So far, we had three different guest and there are 4 more on our Summer list, actually we love to host :)

Maciej is travelling all over Canada by car and stayed in Winnipeg for one week. We were very impressed by all of his stories, how cool is to keep your job but work from so many beautiful places in Canada? Dream job!

Sambajoy should hit the Canadian roads one of these days, for every stop, a dreamy photo shoot, how abou it? Sounds perfect to me <3

Bacon was so sad when Maciej left, he was looking for him all over the house... hope our new friend will have lots of beauty to see and, please, drive safe.

Here is Maciej's photo shoot and I actually would love to do it to all of our guests: be the host & photographer.