Karina + Fabio

Karina and Fabio are both journalists in Sao Paulo, Brazil, their wedding was in a pretty bistro owned by a former model and it's called Lady Fina. I love the way Karina writes so it's more than fair to have this post on her own words.

"I think the best part of our wedding is that we did not spent a fortune to celebrate 
love. And with help from our friends and choosing people that work with great energy
were the best choices for our special day.
I had never thought of getting married. Until I heard from some friends that 
this was an important moment of life and deserved to be celebrated, because we
have many opportunities to travel and buy a house, but to marry is rare. When me 
and Fabio decided to move in together I really thought that celebrating this marriage
was important. Not for the party, but for the time being. The day that we would have 
all the people we love very close to the people to celebrate love. 
The first step was to choose a special date, which was the day Fabio gave me the 
house's key. Then it was to choose a place that had our mood and taste. Lady Fina
fits perfectly, owned by Laura Wie, decorated with furniture from her grandma's 
houses, who served in the wonderful recipes with her grandmas' recipes. Following, 
Bianca e Daniel Prado were chosen to fill the environment with emotion with their 
beautiful voices. Our dear friends-celebrants, Claudia and 
Paul were the best choice to play the most beautiful way our history and made the 
best vows. 
After getting married, I realized that love is really beautiful and deserves to 
be celebrated with those we love".

As photographers, we were so happy to be back in Brazil and they had (vintage) confetti rain during their kiss and it was so full of joy, oh, and their wedding cake was the yummiest ever, I can still remember the strawberry smell of it!

Did I mention samba is their rhythm? Pure joy! Check their vendor's list by the end of this post ;)

Ceremony: Lady Fina

Reception / Venue: Lady Fina

Dress: Jardim Secreto - Patricia Granha

Suit: Zara

Shoes: A Fidalga

Hair: Soho Pompeia

Make up: Soho Pompeia

Cake: Sucre Sale

Decor: Fatto A Manu

DJ: Gustavo Jreige/ Daniel e Bianca

Flowers: Fatto A Manu

Stationery: Ana Claudia Crispim