Earlier this month Gabriela left Belem, Brazil, to spend four days on the road with us in California.

Gabi and her husband were picked up in LAX then we drove to Palm Springs, where we started her Lambada workshop and spent lovely time in the desert and taking photos of the Technicolor Saguaro Hotel. From there, we drove to Santa Barbara, where we took a ride in a carousel and watched the most amazing sunset by the beach and took lots of photos, of course!

But what do we do during our classes on the road? We teach photo techniques, share ideas, have meals together, teach tricks / edition, create a business plan for the attendee, have deep conversations, website improvements, pet Bacon and sing together in the car :)

Seriously, what we most love about this experience is to create a beautiful connection, we get to learn as much as we teach and we believe traveling is the best investment we can offer ourselves. So, putting together a trip, a workshop, photographers, photos and a pug is exactly what we dreamed of and we feel blessed it came true in a shape of a cool Shasta trailer.

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