Chasing dreams

Me and Marcelo just sold our house. We've dreamed so much about living in Canada, buying a house, having parties, dinners and engaged couples here and we've accomplished much more than that! We had a photo exhibition in here, we had around 40 guests through Airbnb and we had 6 SAMBAHOME with photographers from Brazil having a life experience with us.

When we decided to sell our house, it's not because we don't love Winnipeg or because it's too cold, our decision was based on chasing another dream and live on the road for a while, whenever we try to explain this, it sounds so free and adventurous but truth is that we had to study a lot about it, tons of stress and discipline to make it happen.

Living in a trailer for a while, giving classes, having Bacon on board and explore the West Coast is an old dream!

Our LAMBAD4 workshops will start in February until June, then we come back to Winnipeg all Summer and leave again in September and hope we can survive trading 16 thousand square feet to 16 feet :D #tinylife

Now, a bittersweet feeling of leaving this beautiful place...