Andrea and Stefano

Andrea and Stefano share so many passions in common but the biggest is the ocean. They completely love the sea and sand combination, well I don't blame them!

She is my blonde sister, chosen by heart :) we've met 8 years ago at her beautiful beach spa close to São Paulo, Brazil. I truly admire this beautiful soul, she is a hard worker, entrepreneur and soon-to-be Nutritionist.

Stefano is an amazing chef and here another passion they share: food! They own a DETOX company, (the best in my opinion!) with her sister, Renata, also a good friend of ours. 

Last year, on December, I had the honour to register their wedding in Hawaii, they got ready together, helped each other to get dressed and got married by the beach, in a very cute venue called Loulu Palm

Check their wedding photos below :)

Bride's dress: Valentino

Bride's shoes: Lane Marinho

Groom's suit: Ricardo Almeida

Wedding venue: Loulu Palm

Flowers: Ocean Dreamer