Photo Field Trip

We are back from one of the best trips we've ever made! And we travelled a lot together.

Let me tell you why...

Sambajoy took us to California for a magical place called El Captan Canyon. This was a workshop called Photo Field Trip and we felt truly lucky to be part of the very first one! I was very motivated by Whitney Chamberlin since we met 2 years ago in LA.

I'm pretty sure we'll never ever forget this amazing experience glamping, classes with Kendrick & David that reminded me of how important is my personal work (I cried!!!!), bike ride with Logan Cole, be amazed by Square Space - Marcelo is fan #1! Surreal is the word that best defines three hours spent with master Jose Villa, drinking champagne! 

There are SO many things that we want to accomplish in photography and in our personal lives but we came back being certain that we are in the right path, stronger, inspired and much more passionate by photography. We are following our hearts and dreams and it's so hard and worth, the same time. 

Thanks to all of our friends, family and clientes (FRIENDS) that helped us to get here, believed on us as a couple and trusted us as professionals. We love you guys very much!

Here are some memories, enjoy the ride in LA & Santa Barbara :)