When we opened Sambajoy in our lives last May, one of our projects was to take photos of random people we choose from instagram. We've done 7 photo shoots of beautiful people being gorgeous through lenses and heart.

You might think you are too shy or even believe it's a little bit narcisist to have your very own session, but we believe that showing your own beauty is healthy to you, your eyes, your body & soul. 

Viz, our January choice, is a very talented friend that works at Hunter & Gunn, the coolest barber shop in the city :) she was invited for this photos after the instagramer-of-the-month gave up..., what I can tell you all is: trust us and the most important, trust yourself! You'll be amazed.

Viz words after seeing herself: "I LOVE them, I've never seen myself like this! I've honestly never felt so pretty before".