road trip :)

Last August me and Marcelo drove from Winnipeg to Calgary / Banff / Montana / Yellowstone / North Dakota / Winnipeg by car. Thousands of kilometers and photos :)  

He loves to drive, and I love the roads since I was a little girl. I must confess the only State I knew in Canada so far was Manitoba, please, don't tell anyone! ha ha ha.

We first drove from Winnipeg to Calgary and had a stop at Urban Outfitters to buy Instax Films, nail polish, scarfs and some cool stuff. Dinner was at Blue Star Diner (fabulous!!!). On the following morning we drove to BANFF (dream-come-true-kinda-place) and had brunch at Melissa's then we started looking for Bed & Breakfasts knocking on their doors. That day we had long walks on the city (and trying to realize I was NOT in Switzerland).

Day 3 - Lake Louise. No words needed, ok? 

Day 4 - Lake Moraine and bike trails (read day 3) 

Day 5 - as we had NO plans, we decided to travel back home through Montana and we slept in a vintage B&B in Great Falls, MO. Well, I love old places, mansions, homemade food, so I had a good time in the centenarian living room looking at 1003994 maps to decide where to go. BAM! Yellowstone popped on me! Couldn't help myself and convinced Marcelo to take us there! Oh wow!

Day 6 and 7 - YELLOWSTONE (you should go NOW) National Park. It's hard to explain all beauty and complexity of the mountains, animals, smoke, smells, water. 

Day 7 1/2 - Minot, North Dakota

Again, have a nice trip <3