Almost 8pm in Winnipeg, we have a long weekend and I told Marcelo we will go to watch outdoor movie at Assiniboine Park, but, wait!, wait a minute or few... I need to write this post and tell you how magic life can be when you really love what you do. Evie is the girl from the following pictures, I didn't know her personally until we met for this photo shoot at Fort Gibraltar. On our second week in Winipeg we moved to Corydon Ave. It was a cold morning when Marcelo took Bacon for a walk. On their way back he told me someone took a picture of fim with our CEO and a girl on an unicycle. I was like, hmm, cool, unicycle? What? UNICYCLE? GIRL? Please, if you ever see her again in the neighbourhood, please tell her 'my wife would love to take pictures of you'. One week later I saw a girl with an unicycle at the supermarket and I actually tried to talk to her, but she was gone... Almost three months later I saw a girl with lots of bags on an unicycle and I asked Marcelo 'is that the girl from the newspaper's picture'? He said "yes" and I said I REALLY want to take pictures of her, we made an u-turn, tried to catch her but... nothing! She was gone. So I had an idea: find her name through the papers and google it! BANG! Found her on Facebook and told her all this I'm writing now and happily she said she agreed to the pictures. I was so thrilled to finally meet her and take these dreamy pictures.

Well, Evie is a very pretty & sweet girl that inspires everything and everyone around.

Hope you all have a great weekend :)