why Winnipeg?

The first time we heard about Winnipeg was in August 2012. One month earlier we had decided to immigrate to Canada and this city popped up in our lives immediately and a big dream started! It was end of August, Madalena had a wedding to shoot in Yosemite area and we decided to meet in the Peg after her work. It was Summer and we had tight schedule with meetings, bureaucracy, bank account, house hunting, community talk and we had only few time to enjoy the city so we decided we'd be back on December to feel what they were talking about the Winter and it's fame of been called Winterpeg :)

Well, we made it! It was a completely different city dressed of white and we bought special clothes for all the 6 dinners and 4 lunches we had in 10 days of Winter. We felt SO brave and happy about surviving the cold and meeting the warmest people of the world!

Of course we hear everyday questions about WHY we left a tropical country and, actually this place really matches with our lifestyle! We love to work together, ride our bikes, feel freedom, less stress, have tons of quality of life, autonomy, besides that we love to be on the Canadian prairies and we have to tell you the truth: we didn't live on the top of the Sugar Loaf drinking caipirinha all day long. We used to live in Sao Paulo, huge city, awful traffic, much stress...

It took almost four years since the first time we thought about living abroad. It was a hard path but we are pretty sure that here is where we want to live, work, and make a bigger family :)